Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services from Amazon's various data centers located across the globe. Millions of customers — including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies — are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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Cloud Engineers

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Finished projects

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Cloud Certifications

As an AWS managed service provider, we operate a sizeable team of cloud engineers with official AWS certificates.

Cost Savings

With a reasonable cost, we save up to 70% of our clients' personnel and operational expenses.

Guaranteed Security

The safety of your data and resources is 100% guaranteed with our stringent security practices following ISO27001:2013 and CMMi.


  • ► Advise the right cloud migration strategy (on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud or cloud platform integration)
  • ► Advise the best-suited cloud infrastructure, as well as the optimal amount of servers and cloud storage, based on your technical needs and existing legacy data.
  • ► Estimate the total potential cost for your project.
  • ► Advise the right migration strategy (rehosting, refactoring, repurchasing, etc.) for the migrating of your legacy data onto the chosen cloud.
  • ► Advise methods to optimize the performance of your cloud system and minimize waste.

  • ► Migrate your on-premise cloud-compatible data to your best-suited cloud infrastructure.
  • ► Build any new necessary application to enable your existing data to operate correctly on the cloud.
  • ► Conduct necessary code refactoring/re-engineering on your existing applications to make them cloud-native.
  • ► Test the migrated applications in the cloud environment to ensure that they function correctly at different times, workloads or traffic loads.

  • ► Ensure the stability of your cloud infrastructure 24/7/365.
  • ► Provision and decommission cloud resources.
  • ► Monitor metering & billing.
  • ► Provide technical support when you have technical issues with your data or applications.
  • ► Conduct frequent backups on your cloud system to prevent data loss.
  • ► Do periodical testing to detect potential problems among your data and applications.
  • ► Deploy a thorough disaster recovery plan to protect your cloud data and system from unplanned incidents such as natural disasters, power outages, cyber attacks and any other disruptive events.

  • ► Prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  • ► Ensure access permissions are assigned and used correctly.
  • ► Scan for potential security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and secure them.
  • ► Scan for potential security vulnerabilities in your cloud data and applications and secure them.
  • ► Detect and prevent data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data.
  • ► Encrypt your sensitive data.

  • ► Assess your DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, development pipeline, list down the redundant tasks and identify the right set of tools.
  • ► Set-up & automate your continuous delivery pipeline.
  • ► Prevent risky deployment and increase productivity using our robust eco-system of open source & licensed tools.
  • ► Manage the health of your continuous delivery pipeline.
  • ► Take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.