CMC Japan

AI Chatbot For Customer Support Activities

Client: CMC Telecom

Industry: Government

Technology: AI Chatbot

CMC Telecom wanted to employ Chatbot in customer support activities (providing instant answers to questions from customers about digital transformation) to save on personnel costs and improve customer experience with the brand.


Manual customer support resulted in occasional false information about CMC Telecom’s solutions, which caused lost deals. The activity also required significant personnel costs, which the company wanted to save on.

The company needed a chatbot solution with embedded AI technology to create smart automatic responses to customer concerns. The tool was also required to be added to the company’s website and have a user-friendly management interface.


CMC Telecom used Chatbot to set up a system of automatic responses and monitored it with the tool’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Chatbot was added to CMC Telecom’s website, and returned answers with predefined scripts when website visitors entered questions.


  • Chatbot satisfied CMC Telecom’s needs for customer support activities.
  • The number of customer support employees was reduced to one.
  • User-friendly management interface allowed users to add or update automatic responses.
  • Quick setup. The whole system took three days to set up and go live to serve customers.


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