CMC Japan

Cloud Migration Solution For Online Video Platform



Our client is Japan’s top entertainment corporation whose business spreads across the fields of E-commerce and Digital Entertainment. The issue they raised to us is to migrate their entire systems with complicated parts and features to the cloud environment in only 6 months. They want to hire a team of 20 professionals to help them achieve these goals.

  • Deadline rush: Those time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks were further strained by a tight deadline of only 6 months.
  • Complicated tasks:  At that moment, their self-deployed and self-maintained Data Center for system operation contained several shortcomings including high costs and low performance. Therefore, they wanted a solution that could help them migrate the entire system to tackle those drawbacks. The project was complicated because it required the migration of the system as a whole, from servers, databases to front-end and back-end to the cloud, not just a single feature. In addition to system migration, our client also wished to develop new features to meet their business demands such as online product release, SEO and Marketing.


We found out from the beginning of the project that we would not be able to leverage their system’s infrastructure architecture because one, it was outdated and two, our customer had no previous description documentation. This meant that we have to start from scratch. 

CMC Global’s development team worked together to pinpoint our client’s issues as well as provide appropriate consultation. We do this in the first steps by experiencing and learning from the previous operating system. Afterwards, the entire infrastructure architecture was redrawn and reasonable solutions were brought to the client for system migration while ensuring the same latency, without affecting performance. The working stages included:

Design -> Review -> Implementation -> Operation -> Improvement

During the project, we conducted daily meetings to update the process and made weekly reports to find bugs throughout the deployment process. After a few months, our project team was able to work directly with the business department and was recognized as a valuable consultant for the client.

After the process of verifying and implementing new technologies, we deployed those that are suitable for customers’ problems such as Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible), AWS Serverless, CI / CD, Java, PHP, VueJS.

After a few months, our project team was able to work directly with the business department and was recognized as a valuable consultant for the client.


1000 Approximately 1000 VMs & services were migrated to AWS.

60% The cost of ownership was reduced by 60% compared to the on-premises system. Operational cost reduced by 20% compared to the previous system.


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