CMC Japan

CMC Social Listening For Market Research

Client: Dat Xanh Group

Industry: Real Estate

Technology: Social Listening

Dat Xanh Group, a real estate corporation, used CMC Social Listen to learn about customer preferences in their market segment, as well as discover customers’ needs for real estate.


Dat Xanh Group needed to constantly do market research to learn about customer needs and preferences in market segments where Dat Xanh wanted to do business. Dat Xanh had used other channels, such as Facebook and Youtube, but the effort was ineffective because it was done manually and resources-intensive.

The company was also having difficulty in data collection because of anti-crawlers of many platforms. Dat Xanh needed a solution to overcome these issues to conduct effective market research.


CMC Social Listening used IP changers to adapt to different platforms.

Data collected was stored in a database. The tool returned market information in less than one second upon a lookup and preserved information even when it was removed in the original source.


  • Saved on personnel costs: only one employee needed to operate the tool.
  • Collected and analyzed customer opinions from media channels. Maximum capacity: 580.000 posts and 12.000 articles per day.
  • Collected data from 1,200 social fan pages, 100 news websites, 5,000 Youtube channels, and 4 online forums; all was real-estate-specific.
  • Detected sentiment behind opinions at the accuracy of 89%.
  • Customer data update intervals: once every 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Topic analysis and precise focus on the target market domain.


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