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EHR System Development & Maintenance

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According to research, the main barriers cited to the adoption of EHR systems (Electronic Health Record) were the cost of purchasing (48%) and the ongoing cost of maintenance (11%). Acknowledging the key problem, CMC Global has provided our customers with the right thing they need.

This time, our customer had their own EHR system, yet it was so outdated that the obsolete programming languages caused several difficulties in maintenance and operation. Most of EHR’s strengths such as higher quality and tangible enhancements were all going down the drain.


CMC Global had to focus on two main goals: To meet all requirements and to simultaneously deliver creative outputs in such a short amount of time. We have come up with:

  • New modules: CMC Global team worked closely with the client to develop new modules that could automate their medical record process. 
  • Training and consulting: Since our customer came from the healthcare industry with specific requirements yet lacking in technological expertise, our members had to frequently visit them to directly observe their existing operating models and understand their needs, thus offering suitable consultation.
  • New programming language: Acknowledging the issues, they want to re-develop this module in a new programming language with the expectation that it could be integrated across their entire hospital system and automate the process of recording patients’ information.
automative for EHR System Development & Maintenance

Commitment was the top priority of the team since the implementation time was limited to only less than a year with many strict requirements from the customer.

The development team consisted of 60 members, with over half were senior developers had to work at full capacity to be able to develop the system for the customer and kickstart actual implementation.


Up to now, the system has been completed and overcome many rounds of moderation from customers. The system is being implemented in hospitals in Korea. CMC Global’s customers are completely satisfied with the contributions from the team and planning to implement the next projects in the near future.



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