CMC Japan

Logistics Platform Development & Maintenance


We worked in partnership with one of the c technology groups in Korea in a multinational project with over 300 people. The client owns a complex logistic platform operating across 65 countries for over 15 years. With such a huge scale, the demand for maintaining the modules of the platforms and developing new features to satisfy their end-users was at an all-time high. Specifically, the client needs to:

Maintain and enhance modules of the platform:

  • Business Flowchart 
  • Supply Chain Planning 
  • Freight Forwarding 
  • Warehousing & Distribution 
  • e-Commerce Logistics 
  • Premium Logistics

Develop new features: 

  • Develop new services and products with innovative technologies and advanced architecture
  • Support multi-languages 
  • Define performance standards of the system 
  • Penetration and performance testing.

Competitiveness in the logistics industry was extremely high and our client’s needed a reliable vendor that could help them tackle those considerable issues in order to expand the system and reduce cost at the same time


After discovering all their needs and problems, the CMC Global team sat down together to draft up a cost-effective solution to best benefit our client. Since the system was highly complicated and involved a large number of people, we must rapidly build up a dedicated team of over 50 certified engineers with at least 3 years of experience to work on the project. 

In addition to technical expertise, we required all programmers to have extensive knowledge of the logistics industry to get the gist of industry know-how to develop new features and maintain a complicated system like this. In fact, all project members were required to take a course on logistics and passed a certified examination in a very short period of time before getting onboard. 

Communication and a unique working culture were also vital key points in this project. Thus,  to ensure everything ran smoothly without any misunderstanding, our team included 3 Korean-speaking comtors to help us coordinate with the customer.

To help the client cut down cost and maximize technologies leverage as much as possible, we also proposed creative solutions that incorporated new techs such as Big Data for Supply Chain Planning, AI for Freight Forwarding and IoT for e-Commerce Logistics.


 It will continue to expand in the next phases with more developers loaded in. So far, we have met no obstacles in terms of communication with the clients and the project is running smoothly to our client’s complete satisfaction.


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