On April 13 and 14th 2020, representatives of CMC Corporation have given donation packages at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases (NHTD), Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi) and COVID-19 field hospital in Can Gio (Ho Chi Minh City). The total value of the gift worths 3 billion VND, which is the donation from 3,000 CMC’s staffs supporting one day’s salary.

During the peak of COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing policies in Vietnam, many enterprises were affected, but that did not prevent the social responsibility of large enterprises. As a leading information technology and telecommunications corporation in Vietnam, CMC Corporation sympathizes with the difficulties and shortages of medical facilities, especially the demand for medical equipment and health care for physicians. Besides taking good care of employees’ health and preventing epidemics, CMC has encouraged their staffs to donate “One day’s salary” to support the fight against COVID-19. After 2 weeks, the total amount of donation from 3000 employees has reached 3 billion VND.

On April 13th and 14th 2020, Mr. Dang The Tai (CEO of CMC Saigon Technology and Solution Co., Ltd) and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luu (Head of Marketing & Communications Department, CMC Corp) on behalf of CMC Corporation have given the donation packages at COVID-19 field hospital in Can Gio (Ho Chi Minh City), National Hospital of Tropical Diseases (NHTD) and Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi). To each hospital, CMC Corporation donated 1 billion VND.

Dr. Pham Ngoc Thach, Director of the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, said: “As one of the frontline units in the fight against COVID-19, NHTD would like to thank CMC Corporation for having shared the affection and material support for the hospital. This is a tremendous source of encouragement, creating more strength, confidence and responsibility for us to fight COVID-19, protecting people’s health.”

Receiving 1 billion VND support from CMC, Dr. Nguyen Minh Quan, Director of COVID-19 field hospital in Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City, spoke: “Your support is the source of encouraging us on the front line against the epidemic. Together with CMC, we hope in solidarity and contribution to create a great force to win COVID-19 pandemic.”

As a leading medical treatment unit of Vietnam, Bach Mai Hospital had to spend 2 weeks of isolation due to SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. Doctor Nguyen Quang Tuan, the hospital director expressed his feelings when receiving the support from CMC Corporation: “Bach Mai Hospital has overcome the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Directors and all employees of the hospital would like to express our most sincere thanks to the Government, the Ministry of Health, Hanoi City, press agencies and the people nationwide, including CMC staffs who have given special attention during the past time. Please be grateful to the hearts of people all over the country always towards Bach Mai Hospital.”

The total amount of 3 billion VND that CMC Corporation donating to 3 hospitals will be used to buy necessary medical equipment, support doctors and COVID patients during the treatment process. By this action, CMC wishes to support to doctors who are struggling at the front line to fight the disease. Currently, CMC is also working with major technology companies to deploy online teamwork applications such as Microsoft Teams throughout the internal activities and for enterprise customers. These are the leading technology solutions to support online working solutions, and CMC is the strategic partner authorized to distribute them in Vietnam market. CMC Corporation believes that if everyone join together, they will contribute a great power to repel the COVID-19 pandemic.

About CMC Corporation:

CMC is the second largest ICT corporation in Vietnam with more than 27 years of development, Top 10 IT-Telecom enterprises in Vietnam (VNR 2019), ASOCIO Outstand ICT Company (ASOCIO 2019). CMC Corporation affirmed the technology capability in Vietnam and international market through its core business activities in 3 areas: Technology Solution, Global Business and Telecommunications. In Vietnam, CMC is known as a reliable and reputable partner in medium and large ICT projects of government and enterprises. CMC sets its goal to become a global corporation, leading in providing digital transformation services with a turnover of 1 billion USD by 2023.

Source: PR Newswire