For the purpose of offering customers a new reading experience, CMC Global deploys augmented reality technology in Company Profile. It proves the competence of CMC Global in executing advanced technology solutions as well as our efforts to bring great experience to customers from the smallest actions.

CMC Global introduces new Company Profile with AR technology

The new profile provides all information about our Technology, Services, People, and Partners. Customers can also find other marketing materials in this profile via CMC AR/VR application. Obviously, technology has become the solution for CMC Global to support customers well.

Instead of the traditional profile which has numerous shortcomings, a Company Profile with AR Technology can easily approach worldwide customers without any physical barriers. It brings new opportunities to widen the company’s market, thus being a vital development in the strategy “Go Global” of CMC.

Company Profile with AR technology also proves the effort to take care of customers and technological competence of CMC Global. Meanwhile, the new solution affirms the four values which CMC Technology Group has set since the very first day.

It is the first version of CMC AR/VR app. Users can download this version directly from:

  • Google PlayStore (for Android phones) here:
  • For iOS phones:
  • Step 1: Click this link here then download Testflight
  • Step 2: Back to the link here then choose “Start Testing” to install CMC AR/VR app.

In the next version, the app is expected to integrate with CMC Global website and annual events, for the purpose of bringing the synchronous experience to customers. It will be downloaded directly at CH Play or App Store. We can also experience with online/offline profile and CMC information boards at the offices.

Please download the new profile here.