The first time CMC Global has a project reaching 100 points of Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), proving our capabilities in project implementation and our commitment to bring customers the most satisfying experience.

CMC Global wins the heart of customer from Logistic industry

Having the task of building Logistic Platforms for operational activities in the field of industry and exportation, the production center 6 (DU6) has faced numerous challenges. The project was implemented under Agile model divided into several phases, each lasts from 2 to 3 weeks. Over 3 months working under the project, all members of DU6 had to work with full spirit and in-dept understand the specialized knowledge related to Logistic domain to improve the quality and meet customer’s stringent requirements. With a team of experienced developers, testers and project manager along with professional working attitude, Cello became the first project of CMC Global to reach 100 CSS points.

As a person who brought this potential project to CMC Global and leads the whole team to achieve the breakthrough result as today, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Giang, Director of DU6 expressed his satisfaction: “CMC Global participated in the project with the role of developing new functions and optimizing the efficiency of Logistic system. It is a challenging project, requiring different technologies, however, all members are experienced personnel and they had worked well together. Also, we received enthusiastic support from the client. For these reasons, we passed all challenges in the implementation process.”

Logistic is a field that requires numerous expert insights besides knowledge on technology and project implementation. This success shows our effort in specialized products and services. Not only implementing projects, CMC Global aims to be a provider of system integration solutions and services in specific sectors.

The Cello team has 25 members from different countries in Europe and Asia. The diversity in human resources also contributes to the success and competitiveness of projects implemented by DU6 and CMC Global. Sharing the process of winning customer’s heart, Mr. Nguyen The Hai – Project Manager who directly worked with the client said: “All team is capable of using English fluently, thus language is not a barrier in our communication with the client. However, the initial challenge was domain insights. The whole team from BA, Developers, Testers to Communicators had to research and study deep knowledge of Logistic. As a result, during the past 3 months, the client had two business travel to Hanoi and they were so satisfied with the project and our working attitude.”

Talking about this achievement, Director of DU6 said “The success of Cello is for all members of CMC Global not only DU6. It proves our international competitiveness and strategic vision of the company in developing professional competencies. It is just a successful start for this year and 2020 promises to be full of achievements for CMC Global.”

Receiving positive evaluations from clients shows the seriousness of CMC Global in investing in service quality improvement, providing clients the best solutions as well as continuously striving to widen expert knowledge on different industries, trends, and new technology solutions. Not being a responsibility anymore, customer-centricity becomes the sustainable culture instilled in the ideology of each individual at CMC Global.