March 31, 2022, officially marked the fifth anniversary of CMC Global’s establishment. The number of years to count is tiny but what the company achieved is respectable, which means many challenges there to come in the future with more and more successes.

2000+ talents, 250+ business partners & customers and 1000+ billion VND in revenue

March 31, 2022, officially marked the 5th anniversary of the establishment of CMC Global. After five years of development, from a humble beginning of only 50 people in 2017, CMC Global grew to 350 in 2019 and has now built up a workforce of 2,000+ employees, becoming the Top 3 ICT company in Vietnam, and reaching revenue of 1000+ billion VND. The company is proud to have been working with 250+ business partners and customers worldwide, becoming a long-term and trusted IT solution provider.

1,000 employees milestone

G1 division at CMC Global officially reached the 1,000 employees milestone

The remarkable achievement in international markets

Top 10 Vietnam Software and IT Services Outsourcing companies 2021

Top 10 Vietnam Software and IT Services Outsourcing companies 2021

The fifth-year also marks the success of CMC Global in the international market, with ten offices worldwide. The 2nd representative office in Osaka, Japan, and the office in Singapore was established in 2021 with many efforts to approach and give customers the best products & services in those markets.  In addition, the success of Japan IT Week – the largest IT trade show in Japan, has helped CMC Japan attract more customers, generating potential business opportunities and opening a new door for event activities in the international market. Especially, over the last two years, the pandemic forced the world to change unexpectedly and suddenly. However, CMC Global is so proud to overcome difficulties to grow fast with global expansion in APAC, North America, and Europe. The Award for TOP 10 Software and IT services outsourcing companies from Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) also recognizes CMC Global’s efforts to conquer the international market and affirm its position in the IT industry.

Japan IT Week

Japan IT Week Autumn 2021

Becoming an AWS Consulting partner

This is a milestone marking the efforts of CMC Global in developing the capacity of Cloud solutions, serving the needs of customers globally, especially in the era where Cloud Computing is the leading technology trend. What uniquely positions CMC Global is the ability to help enterprises navigate both cloud opportunities and challenges around the cloud with our technical understanding and 200+ engineers certified by AWS. CMC Global clients end-to-end cloud services, including Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Managed, and Cloud Security. And the company will keep our momentum to accelerate in the future and help its customers accelerate to the cloud by AWS. 

AWS partner

Becoming an AWS Consulting partner

Being a social responsibility IT company

As Japan is our strategic market where CMC Japan serves 100+ customers and set up two representative offices in Yokohama and Osaka, the company always runs our business with prestige, quality, and social responsibility. Japan is a country with an old-age tower, which leads to some challenges in social welfare services for the elderly and causes a shortage of workers across Japan, especially in the IT industry. With a large workforce of experienced developers, CMC Global provides Japanese companies with the human resources they need for their IT development. Another critical initiative where CMC Global can make significant contributions in nursing homes. CMC’s face-recognition security solution, CIVAMS, can help nursing homes better watch the elderly who tend to be forgetful and careless. In addition, the system can identify shades of happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, etc., to know why employees have excellent or bad expressions at work. Businesses can provide appropriate human resource management and performance management and help their employees find motivation when working. This is a step forward that CIVAMS brings to customers beyond the standard benefits of identifying security and control. Thanks to this new feature, CIVAMS can help businesses build a happier working environment, reduce turnover and improve the quality of work in Japan in the future.

CIVAMS in nursing homes

The application of CIVAMS in nursing homes and offices in Japan

Building an inclusive culture is our priority to create impressive impacts on future success.

Talkshow: DX is 1 drag-n-drop away at CMC Global

Talkshow: DX is 1 drag-n-drop away at CMC Global

CMC Global is a fast-growing company with an impressive growth rate and high-quality workforce, serving customers worldwide. That’s why the company leads with trust and empowerment, invests in a culture based on shared values, and incorporates continuous development. CMC Global runs weekly, monthly, and annually internal activities to give our people entertainment and engagement through valuable workshops. Besides, to meet the growth at the high level, CMC Global also creates apparent career paths for young leaders. CMC Global always welcomes like-minded talents to grow with the development of the company.

Vietnamese Women’s day 2021

Vietnamese Women’s day 2021: A day to wish all of CMC Global‘s incredible women the best to come

Impressive numbers and what the company expects to achieve in 2025

Following years, Singapore, the US, the UK, Korea, and Japan are the company’s strategic markets where serving Digital Transformation services to help customers transform better to adapt to the new world. CMC Global also understands that going global is a long-term and challenging journey, requiring us to build a workforce with the right capabilities profile and focus on achieving our business objectives. The goals till 2025 are creating an organization with 7,500 IT talents worldwide, reaching 300 million dollars in revenue with 50% contributed by Digital transformation services, becoming the top digital provider in APAC, consulting, and deploying full-stack ERP.