During three years of development, CMC Global has remarked numerous milestones: the significant growth in sales, the rapid scaling with four offices in Hanoi, Danang, HCMC, and Japan. Moreover, on the journey to conquer the digital world, many other achievements have been gained thanks to our creative and talented human resources who are willing to dedicate their best for the Company’s success.

CMC Global, a new member of CMC Group, was established in March 2017 as a strategic move of the Group to fulfill the desire to bring ICT products, solutions, and services to the international market. Since the very first days, CMC Global has made great progress in business and operation. The opening of a branch in Yokohama, Japan only after three months of establishment is the strongest evidence proving our desire to “Go Global”. Not stopping there, in 2019, CMC Global continuously opened two new offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, officially entering the ICT markets of Central and Southern Vietnam. With these solid foundations, CMC Global has been gradually transforming to develop faster and stronger, thus turning our ambition of becoming the regional leading IT service provider into reality.

From the first days of establishment with nearly 100 employees, up to now, this number has increased 7 times. The rapid development in human resources means that the operating system needs to be more standardized and accurate. Therefore, “digital transformation” must be implemented not only in our business strategy but also in the internal operation process. After three years of establishment, with more than 700 employees from all offices, CMC Global has successfully standardized the working and internal communication activities by different internal applications such as C-now, C-talk, C-wiki, SF4C … With the current achievements, CMC Global aims to have at least 1,000 employees by the end of 2020.

2019 is also a memorable year for CMC Global as the first time after two years of establishment, we were honored to receive the Sao Khue award – a prestigious award in the IT field for the category “Software outsourcing service ”. It is a recognition of CMC Global’s efforts in conquering the international market and asserting our position in the IT industry. In 2020, CMC Global constantly innovates more ICT products and services. In addition to improving the quality of traditional services, CMC Global launches new ones, including digital transformation services to meet growing demands from international customers. “During the 4.0 industrial revolution, technological innovations create connections among different nations. Artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotics are “flattening” the world, removing visible and invisible barriers. This is a “golden opportunity” to close the gap between Vietnam and the developed countries. ” – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Su, CEO of CMC Global.

A three-year journey is not long but enough for CMC Global to go further, overcoming difficulties to together enter a new period with steady steps forward.

The development of an organization has never been an individual achievement. It is the result of great efforts and contributions from all members of the enterprise. At CMC Global, each individual has a unique “personality” and all are inevitable factors in our success. Understanding the importance of the “human” factor in business growth, CMC Global always focuses on resource development. Employees are periodically trained to upgrade their technical skills. Especially they are free to share their own needs and aspirations with the leaders. It is not exaggerated to say that the success of the business comes from the success of each individual, so when CMC Global has employees who are truly passionate and willing to journal with the Company in the long term, growing faster and stronger is surely the final result.

Not only standing up for the employees in the business process, CMC Global always strives to create a friendly environment and a positive company culture. That is the reason why numerous interesting playgrounds for CMC Global staff have been formed. Over the past three years, we have participated in two exciting football seasons with annual team building activities. The Company has also diversified the internal communication channel by launching the Dolphin website, serving the information transmission and improving the working spirit of employees. Promoting solidarity as a strength, CMC Global people are always willing to join hands when colleagues meet difficulties. Typically in the past year, CMC Global labor union has raised a fund with tens of millions VND to promptly help the colleagues to overcome difficulties not only in their work but also in daily life.

Each individual of CMC Global is an artist who creates the colorful three-year picture, and this picture will continue to be embellished in the next stages on the journey to conquer the digital world. To celebrate the third anniversary, CMC Global organizes a series of activities to show gratitude for those who have accompanied the company on the pioneering journey to conquer the digital world.