Japan IT Week Spring 2022 officially opened at the Tokyo Big Sight convention on March 6, 2022. The trade show gives the best opportunity for CMC Japan to introduce solutions in Face recognition – CIVAMS (CMC Intelligent Video Analytics and Management System), Digital Transformation, and Software Development. CMC Japan is proud of its high-quality IT workforce and infrastructure with 3.600+ IT talents from CMC Corporation, 03 Global Delivery Centers in Vietnam, and 02 representative offices in Japan. Those advantages and capabilities are the basis for CMC Japan to showcase the best technology solutions to Japan IT Week Spring 2022.

At Japan IT Week Spring 2022, CMC showcased CIVAMS facial recognition solution. With outstanding advantages such as 99.2% accuracy in natural light and no shielding, 98.95% for masked faces, face detection from many angles, and no need to look directly into the camera, CIVAMS will help ensure security and safety and be applied in public areas, office areas or places requiring high protection. In addition, CMC Japan also offers Cloud services, helping Japanese businesses in digital transformation flexibly and effectively. What uniquely positions CMC Global is the ability to help enterprises navigate both cloud opportunities and challenges around the cloud with the technical understanding and 300+ engineers certified by AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. In Japan, we offer end-to-end cloud services, including Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Optimization, Cloud Managed, and Cloud Security. Partnering up with many companies and organizations in Japan, we prove our capability in Cloud services. 

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Japanese standard working culture from CMC – The factor that built the satisfaction and trust of Japanese customers in the past five years

In 2017, CMC Technology Corporation established the first representative office in Yokohama, Japan, providing high-quality Outsourcing services. After five years, CMC Japan has scaled up its business in Japan with a wide range of products and services, such as Digital Transformation, Cloud services, and Artificial Intelligence. We have already set up strategic partnerships with 100+ customers, including companies on Fortune 500 list. At CMC Japan, we always take Japanese office culture to measure how we behave at work. Since the early days of establishment, customer centricity has been our business philosophy. We always keep respect through words and gestures when dealing with customers. Above all, respect is shown in our work results and high-standard solutions. We also appreciate our culture’s long-term efforts and learning spirit. We always keep in mind that there is no achievement without effort. Therefore, we build a team with IT talents and consultants who are constantly learning to integrate into Japanese culture and find the most optimal solutions to bring to our customers.

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CIVAMS – A face recognition solution from CMC Corporation.

Visitors can experience all product features of CIVAMS through a demo set. The increasing proportion of the elderly (65+) in Japan makes it difficult to take care of and supervise them, leading to many unexpected accidents. CIVAMS is an ideal solution for nursing homes to control access, intelligently monitor and timely detect dangerous situations with the elderly. Besides, CIVAMS is connected with the timekeeping system to manage employees’ working hours. CMC Intelligent Video Analytics and Management System (CIVAMS.Face) is a face recognition solution with intelligent image processing technologies developed by CMC Corporation. Our solution can handle databases up to 10,000 headcounts, detect faces at an accuracy of 99.2%, and recognize multiple faces in a single frame in milliseconds. CIVAMS can apply CIVAMS to manage their staff’s check-ins and check-outs and assign access permission to a limited group of people. Data from CIVAMS can be organized and managed efficiently. Thus, CIVAMS is perfect for offices to control employees’ timekeeping. Besides, CIVAMS can also be applied in office and public areas such as train stations, schools, hospitals, etc., as a face recognition solution for general security and privacy.

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CIVAMS – an emotional-recognized system to find out employees’ work motivation!

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Controlling employees’ workdays is no longer a prerequisite for businesses, especially during the pandemic. Companies pay more attention to employees’ mental health to improve work motivation and increase work performance. The system can identify shades of happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, etc., to know why employees have excellent or bad expressions at work. Businesses can provide appropriate human resource management and performance management and help their employees find motivation when working. This is a step forward that CIVAMS brings to customers beyond the standard benefits of identifying security and control. Thanks to this new feature, CIVAMS can help businesses build a happier working environment, reduce turnover and improve the quality of work in the future.