2019 was a memorable year of CMC Global as numerous milestones in business and operation were remarked. Let’s take a look back over the highlights and biggest moments in our Year in Review.

CMC Global Year in Review: The biggest moments from 2019

2019 was a memorable year of CMC Global as numerous milestones in business and operation were remarked. Let’s take a look back over the highlights and biggest moments in our Year in Review.

Two new branches were opened in a year

In 2019, CMC Global has just opened new branches in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang City, recording our footprint in the Central and South of Vietnam. The HCM office was officially opened on July 5 as a turning point in our business growth strategy. And only three months after the expansion to Southern, CMC Global continues to make another tremendous movement by welcoming the second office in Da Nang. In a year, we have opened two new branches exposing our imperative strategy of expanding and becoming a leading IT service provider in the region. By 2023, CMC Global sets the target to become the Top 5 Technology Services and Solutions companies in Vietnam.

CMC Global received Sao Khue Award 2019

In April, CMC Global honored to receive the Sao Khue Award for the “Software Outsourcing Service” category. This is a prestigious reward for our efforts in the journey to conquer the world and affirm our position in the IT industry. Sao Khue is the most important award for Top IT Development Companies in Vietnam. It is dedicated to ensuring it offers a conducive environment for enterprises, businesses, developers and investors to operate in. 2019 was the 15th year of the Sao Khue Award. This year witnesses 30 nominations for the field of products using the new technology of revolution 4.0 and nearly 20 enterprises providing software outsourcing service.

CMC Global welcomed new CEO

On February 14, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Su officially became the new CEO of CMC Global after nearly 2 years of establishment as an important strategy of CMC to enter into the global market, driving CMC a billion company. This is considered a significant milestone of CMC Global in business development strategy and standardization of the entire operation process. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Su has nearly 20 years of experience working in the field of software export at large and experienced technology corporations in Vietnam, having experienced various positions from technicians, central management, general director of member companies. After two years of laying the foundation along with the new CEO’s guidance, CMC Global has made significant changes in its development strategy, opening new journeys and new opportunities to bring its products/services to the international market.

Global Super Cup 2019

The football tournament is an internal initiative that aims at encouraging spirit and solidarity among Global employees. The tournament took place over two months with 3 qualifiers, 16 matches, and 8 participating teams. This game was held successfully, creating a healthy environment after stressful working hours for all CMC Global employees. Let’s wait for a more explosive tournament next year.

New Company Profile with AR technology

Closing 2019 with a significant change in marketing activities, CMC Global introduces new Company Profile with AR technology. Apart from providing information about our Technology, Services, People, and Partners, the profile is integrated with the CMC AR application which brings an Augmented Reality experience to customers. This proves the competence of CMC Global in executing advanced technology solutions as well as our efforts to bring great experience to customers from the smallest actions.

Entering 2020, a new decade, CMC Global will constantly strive to expand and develop, pursuing the goal of becoming the leading IT service provider in Vietnam, providing valuable services and technology solutions to customers, contributing to the IT industry in Vietnam and the world.