On May 26 morning, CMC Global officially held our new office opening ceremony. Attendees were the company’s board of directors and employees. This move is a strategic development step of CMC Global to create a professional working environment in HCM City, effectively utilize high-quality IT human resources, and mark the milestone of 2000 proud employees after five years of development.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, the BOD chairman, shared: “Our employees in Ho Chi Minh City have put great efforts to overcome the difficulties in the chaotic time during the pandemic. From a humble beginning of only 50 people in 2017, CMC Global grew to 350 in 2019 and has now built up a workforce of 2,000+ employees. The growth rates and achievements of CMC Global are impressive compared to the growth of Thanh Giong in mythology. While Thanh Giong fought foreign invaders in the past, we now compete with other companies in the global market to speed up in the digital era. I believe in the youth and talents of CMC Globalers to hone the leading IT resource in Vietnam to the world. In the coming years, CMC Global will achieve the set of goals and reach a new height of achievements based on the solid foundation of yesterday, today, and the future. It is a precious value.”

Located in Tan Thuan ward – known as “Silicon Valley” in Ho Chi Minh City, the new headquarter includes two office buildings and a data center. The office area is designed with open spaces full of natural light and trees, providing a comfortable working space to encourage the creativity and motivation of CMC Globalers.