October 20, 2021, CMC Global organized many meaningful activities to celebrate Vietnamese Women ‘s Day. This is a special occasion to send respect and appreciations to all women who are side by side in the “Go Global” journey of CMC Global.

On the morning of October 20,2021, many activities were organized to celebrate Vietnamese Women ‘s Day. More than 531 women working in the tech industry are inspiration and enthusiasm of the company. They are not only excellent team players but also loving mothers, sisters, and daughters. For CMC Global, this is a special event to send respect and appreciation to all women who are side by side in the “Go Global” journey.

Live show “My Healthy – My Beauty”

“My Healthy – My Beauty” is a special music show for women at CMC Global with the participation of male “homegrown” singers at the company. The show had many special performances and a mini game with valuable gifts. Especially, there is participant of


program includes many special performances and mini games with many attractive gifts, attracting the attention of a large number of ladies in the company. In particular, the program had the participation of Mr. Dang Ngoc Bao – CEO of CMC Global.