“Our reputation reflects true values we deliver to our customer, among which speed is our key factor.”, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Su, CEO of CMC Global shared.

Among the four core values: “Creativity – C-Speed – Commitment – Customer Centricity”, CMC Global places special importance on the C-speed factor which emphasizes not just quickness but also smart and appropriate actions. With three branches in Japan, Da Nang and Ho chi Minh City, CMC Global is making footprint on the journey to conquer the aspiration of inspiring the digital world.

From “Fast & Accurate” business philosophy

In response to the question of why Global emphasizes the C-Speed ??factor in business, CEO of CMC Global shared an interesting story about the race among human, leopard and rabbit. “Situation 1: The leopard chases the rabbit, but the rabbit passes the opponent. Although the leopard is very strong, due to slow feet, it has to endure the hunger. Situation 2, being chased by the leopard, the rabbit runs at full speed to pass the opponent again. Yet because of not paying attention to the road, the rabbit hit the tree, so it falls into the mouth of the fox. It proves that, although the rabbit has a good speed, without precision, it will still be eaten. Situation 3, the leopard chases both the human and the rabbit. The human is slower than the rabbit, weaker than the leopard, but his intelligence makes him the winner.”

Obviously, the speed as well as the right strategy and the accuracy in implementation are the prerequisite factors for the success of an enterprise, especially for a new company like CMC Global. In order to have “fast” and “accurate” steps, CMC Global has constantly made efforts to speed up, adapting to changes in business environment to seize new opportunities. Within just over two years of establishment, CMC Global opened a new branch in Yokohama, Japan (2017) and two offices in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City (both in 2019). The establishment of new branches represents a strategic step of CMC Global in optimizing high quality information technology human resources in Vietnam.

About the business plan, CEO of CMC Global emphasized: “Our strategy is to speed up to reach the international market. In the near future, we plan to open more offices in Korea, Southeast Asia and European countries ”. With the expansion of scale, CMC Global focuses on increasing the number and quality of our employees. We aim to have at least 1,000 well-qualified employees by 2020. Currently, CMC Global has nearly 700 employees.

To breakthroughs in digital transformation

In terms of technology, besides applying the world standard process and improving the quality of traditional services, CMC Global deploys various new services, especially digital transformation services to meet the growing demands of our customers. To become the leading IT service provider in the region, CMC Global constantly researches and launches quality solutions and services to keep up with the fast-changing digital world. “In the 4.0 industrial revolution, technological innovations connect different countries around the globe. Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and robots are “flattening” the world, removing visible and invisible barriers. It is a “golden opportunity” to close the gap between Vietnam and other developed countries.” – CEO of CMC Global said.

To turn our strategies into reality, CMC Global has developed new service groups such as Cloud services, DevOps, Low-Code and deployed AI, RPA, Digital Marketing platforms. Regarding human resources, CMC Global focuses on training a team of engineers and PM who are experienced and have extensive knowledge of many industries. The company also organizes different courses for employees to study and take international certificates, improving our technological capacity.

With the advantage of “youth” and 26 years of experience in information technology inherited from the corporation, CMC Global confidently reaches the big sea. Bill Gate once said: “The opportunity to take action is in the blink of an eye. Procrastination in just a few months can make a significant difference between market leaders and market followers.”. In just 3 years, Amazon grew 50 times in the number of employees and 322 times in revenue. Speed ??becomes one of the biggest challenges that determine the success or failure of a business, especially the technology one.

Together we go further

Answering the question on how CMC Global can accelerate to compete with domestic and foreign technology enterprises, CEO of CMC Global confidently stated that: “John Lennon once said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” There is no success which can be built by a single individual, but success comes only when we work together.”

The CEO also pointed out a number of cases in which the success is reached by synergy. When Oracle bought Sun’s Microsystems for approximately $7.4 billion, Oracle had a strategic advantage by taking control of Sun’s two largest technology assets, Java and Solaris. Experts projected that Oracle would eliminate Sun after the deal.But Oracle did cooperate with Sun to develop Exadata Database Machine 2 (database repository and online transaction processing server) and wholeheartedly support to revive Sun. This is a strong evidence of the power of synergies.

Synthesis can also be understood from a human perspective. Each individual in CMC Global is a source of strength, when we connect these sources of power, a stronger unity than ever will be created. More narrowly, synergies can mean the share at work. Together working and contributing effectively in a team, we will have lots of creative ideas. Collaboration is no longer in the mission of the organization but should be instilled in the thought of each individual.

“I wish every CMC Global staff will be a “Global citizen” with the spirit of solidarity and synergy, always proactive at work and willing to work together to create C-Speed ??in the whole company. We have been taking this spirit to the first battles to get large projects with many big partners from USA, Japan, Korea.”. With CMC Global, connecting resources becomes one of the leading missions to develop. If each person struggles to sail a small boat to the same finish line, why not join together to drive a giant boat to cross the ocean?