The system has been implemented since February 4, 2020, across the company and will replace fingerprint time attendance tracking to minimize the spreading of coronavirus.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications has issued a Directive on the implementation of prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of the Coronavirus (nCoV). The Minister required technology enterprises to consider this as a challenge and at the same time their responsibility to the society, urgently get involved, come up with innovative solutions and applications of digital technologies to contribute to epidemic prevention.

According to CMC’s spokesperson, besides spraying disinfectant for the building, providing free masks and hand sanitizer for all employees, CMC has developed a time attendance system with facial recognition technology implemented from February 4, 2020, and will replace the fingerprint time tracking. This is a helpful step to avoid the spreading of the virus. The initiative was developed and implemented by CIST Institute under the CMC Group.

Not only CMC, but other technology companies also remove fingerprint time attendance system. Sharing to ICTnews, a representative of NextTech Group said, NextTech halted fingerprint time attendance to limit infectious agents. Instead, the management must control the attendance of employees in their units. “Employees with signs of cough, fever, or flu are all approved to work remotely. Other employees are still working normally and are recommended to wear masks and wash their hands to disinfect regularly to prevent disease, ”said NextTech Group representative.