CMC Corporation is among the top 60 Vietnamese businesses to successfully receive the title of Best Companies to work for in Asia 2020 from the leading human resources magazine – HR Asia.

On the night of July 1st, 2020, Mr. Đặng Thế Tài (CEO of CMC TSSG), Mr. Đinh Tuấn Trung (CEO of CMC Telecom Southern branch), Ms. Nguyễn Diệu Anh (Chief of HR of CMC Corp), and Ms. Trần Thị Hoài Phương (Deputy chief of HR of CMC Telecom) represented CMC Corporation to attend the award ceremony.

“Best Companies to work for in Asia 2020 – HR Asia Awards” is a prestigious international award with a view to evaluating and honoring businesses with outstanding HR policies, appealing remuneration package, leading working environments with regular and vibrant internal activities for employee bonding.

CMC Global Best Companies To Work For 2020

The criteria of the award are to evaluate corporate cultures as well as work commitment and job satisfaction. Besides surveys, HR Asia also conducts field trips to the actual working environment and direct interviews with the Boards of Executive, alongside independent research with senior media specialists in Vietnam. Through this award, HR Asia discovered that many companies in Asia have working environments that are as professional as those of world-leading companies.

To be successfully selected for the title, businesses had to undergo three rounds of elimination in two months, from March to April 2020:

  • Round 1: Independent research from HR Asia on the companies’ working environment through information on media channels, the press and feedback from specialists.
  • Round 2: Surveys on the employees’ commitment to the companies. To attain the opinion of the staff, the organizing team conducted surveys for staff members of businesses based on the Total Engagement Assessment Model (T.E.A.M) which was developed upon the previously deployed Employee Input Survey – EIS, including 3 criteria: Heart – Emotional Bonding, Mind – Thoughts and Motivation, Soul – Beliefs and Attitudes. Furthermore, the organizing committee also added 3 new Think – Collective Awareness, Feel – Emotions toward Workplace and Do – Collective Actions.
  • Round 3: Company tours, BoE interviews and efficiency evaluation of sustainable HR policies and strategies.

After the judging and comparing process of a total of 378 Vietnamese companies who signed up for the award, CMC was honored to be selected as one of the top 60 businesses with the title of Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2020 by HR Asia. The HR Awards winners are all top-of-the-field companies.

CMC receives the awards on its first-time participation

CMC receives the awards on its first-time participation

CMC Global is proud to be a member of CMC Corporation with more than 700 staff members working in Vietnam and Japan. With our tireless efforts in improving working environment quality, CMC Global focuses on human value by listening to employees’ satisfaction levels, thereby establishing a positive recruiting image to attract valuable assets and develop sustainably.

Besides regularly organizing internal training programs, workshops with speakers in many fields, CMC always facilitates employees to train and obtain international certificates to enhance their professional capabilities. CMC is proud to be one of the few companies that have our own CIST, CMC Creative Fund, CMC Creative Center, CMC Resource Development center with a view to encouraging our CMC people to always strive for creativity, breakthroughs, and accomplishments.

Recognizing the importance that the working environment plays in nurturing assets, CMC Global never ceases to bring about an inspiring working environment, push for creativity and positive experience with a clear promotional path for our staff.